I am a painter and an award-winning ceramicist.  My paintings are abstract, but strongly influenced by representational forms and structures.  I strive to discover and use various techniques, materials, and surfaces to expand and enliven my vision and means of artistic expression.

I paint in several mediums including acrylic, oil and cold wax, and gold leaf, but am not limited to these and will often blend and combine them where appropriate or interesting.

My works rely on an abstract organic underpainting with shapes, textures and shades forming integral elements of the finished pieces, and often incorporating influences of my Japanese heritage.  I also strive to suggest or replicate the unpredictability and beauty of the crystalline shapes I produce in the glazes for my ceramic works in my paintings.

If a painting is one that I feel that I would like to keep for myself, then I have created art that I feel comfortable being viewed and enjoyed by others.